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British Zemu Gap 2008

This exploratory trip to Sikkim, in the style of Shipman and Tilman, hoped to make the first south to north crossing of the Zemu Gap (c5850m) from Yoksum via Gochi La and then on to Green Lake and Lachan, thus linking two major trekking routes. Although going very close to Zemu Peak (7,780m) – a contender for the ‘world’s highest unclimbed mountain’ – they did not plan to tread any summits but nevertheless the ‘trek’ was likely to involve very steep ice-climbing. Unfortunately unseasonal heavy snow prevented them from reaching the Gap in time to complete the circuit and return safely. They did however reach a height of 5,100m below the Tongshiong glacier.

March - April 2008
Colin Knowles, Adrian O’Connor & Jerzy Wieczorek

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