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Cambridge Greenland Glaciology 2002

Louise Boyd Land is in NE Greenland and, being rarely visited, offered an ideal venue for a programme of field research into glaciology and geology, the first step towards making a computer model of the ice cap for comparison with data on Switzerland. Although it will take some time to complete the analysis of readings obtained, initial results showed that glacier movement ranged from 10-75cm during the three-week period covered. Two different types of granite were identified, containing large rafts of metasediment, details that will be added to existing geological maps of the area. As well as the scientific aspects of the trip, the team climbed six new routes up to Grade IV on 2,000-2,400m peaks close to their base camp, and then carried out a 200km ski trek from Louise Boyd Land to their pick-up point on Dickson Fjord.

July - August 2002
Chris Lockyear with Natalie Clegg, Sam Harrison, Madeleine Humphreys and Derek Marshall

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