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SmoG in Greenland

Poor visibility prevented the flight transporting these members of Slough Mountaineering Group from reaching the Martin Knudsen Nunatakker (c. 73° N) in Fraenkels Land, which was their intended - and permitted area of operation. However, in the next three days they succeeded in pulking all their gear the 42km north from their landing point, arriving just as the weather improved. Despite a later six-day period when they were tent-bound owing to heavy snow, by moving camp several times and operating mainly in pairs, they succeeded in climbing over 30 peaks between 2,100m and 2,700m up to AD, of which most were first ascents.

June - July 2001
Mark Lampard with Richard Bungay, Denise Forster, Jeremy Fuller, Adrian Kemp, Simon Needham, David Newcombe and Michele Reason

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