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Cordillera Blanca 2008

This was a multi-part expedition to Peru, which started with a short acclimatisation trip to view objectives in the Quebrada Rajururi. They then embarked on a trip to the Nevado Pongos/Raria massif, but retreated when the leader became ill. While recovering back in Huaraz, they were joined by Sykes, with whom they undertook the third phase, making the first ascent of Huaytapallana II (5025m) (apart from the summit block) by two separate routes, Cop Out (11 pitches, E1,5A) on the west face and Last Exit (7 pitches, also E1 5A) on the north ridge. Finally, they explored the little visited Quebrada Puchua, which offers excellent potential for new routing.

June - August 2008
Tony Barton, Olly Metherell, Tom Chamberlain (part-time) & Jim Sykes (part-time)