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Eagle Ski Club Ak Shiirak 2003

Plans to make a ski traverse of the entire Ak Shiirak range of mountains (in the Kyrgyz Republic) were thwarted to some extent when it was found that the intended access route to the Kara-Su valley (over the Suek Pass) was blocked by heavy snow and avalanches. Undeterred, in double-carries the team ferried all the expedition supplies over the Ak-Bel Pass instead, adding 40km to the start of the expedition, and using up valuable time in the process. In the time remaining they were only able to penetrate the range as far as the Kara-Su glacier, but from here they were able to assess the rest of their intended route. They also confirmed the potential of the range for ski-mountaineering, and made first ski ascents of a number of significant peaks up to 4,600m. They also certainly achieved one of their defined aims: 'To have a good time'.

April - May 2003
Steve Wright with Mike Sharp, Joost van der Valk and Dave Wynne-Jones.

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