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East Buttress of Mount Laurens

Initial objective was the first ascent of the East buttrss of Mt Laurens on the Lacuna Glacier. They flew into Kahiltna base camp, and started by reconnoitering potential routes. They attempted the West face of Pt 10022, but found it far too warm, and conditions too dangerous for climbing at this altitude, so flew to Denali and acclimatised by climbing up to 6000m on that mountain. They then climbed Kahiltna Queen in a single day Alpine ascent, and then moved on to attempt the Infinite Spur. They reached 11000ft, before a persistent snowstorm forced them to retreat. [Presumably this was the storm experienced by 16-16 during their descent from the Infinite Spur.]

May - June 2016
John Crook with David Sharpe and Gavin Pike

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