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Glaciological investigations in the Kebnekaise

Although the MEF does not normally support expeditions to mainland Europe, it was felt that this work on one of the biggest glaciers in Sweden deserved encouragement, as it was utilising the latest developments in ground penetrating radar. Based at the Stockholm University Research Station at Tarfala (one hour’s skiing from the glacier) the team was very fortunate in having good weather throughout most of their stay in the area, enabling them to take continuous records. The new data will be compared with that obtained during previous surveys to determine how polythermal glaciers are responding to recent climatic warming.

March - April 2009
Alessio Gusmeroli & Prof Tavi Murray from Swansea University with Tatiana Enzinger, Marco Fransci, Daniel Hjelk & Riccardo Scotti from Stockholm University and supported by Peter Jansson & Henrik Tornberg

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