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Grand Poohbah

Maintaining his reputation for visiting remote mountain areas, this year Paul Knott chose the Fersmana glacier basin in the central region of Western Kokshaal-Too. The aim of his team was to explore and climb, and in particular to make the first ascent of the highest peak in the area - Pik 5697m, nick-named 'Grand Poohbah' in 2000 by Mike Libecki. After experiencing a number of problems in accessing the area - a vehicle breakdown, a closed road and a changed border - they were delighted to find the area populated by elegant spires and steep granite walls. Unfortunately, Grand Poohbah itself was defended by overhanging seracs and they could see no feasible route. They therefore turned their attention to other peaks, making the first ascent of Neizvestniy (Russian for 'Unknown', 5240m) and attempting others to which they gave appropriate Russian names, viz: Granitsa ('Border', 5,370m), Pogranichnik ('Border Guard', 5,220m) and Zastava ('Border Post', 5,010m) but without reaching their summits. Being stranded for several days at the road head whilst trying to get out made them seriously consider taking a satellite phone on future trips.

July - August 2005
Paul Knott with Grant Piper and Graham Rowbotham

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