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Greenland 2000. Tilman in a New Millennium

This was the first part of a two-year project to explore and climb the mountains along the west coast of Greenland, using the leader's 10m sloop Dodo's Delight as a mobile base camp, after sailing it from Scotland. From Kangerdluarssugssuaq Fjord, Shepton, Haynes and Holland made first ascents of Pt. 1510 and Pt. 1230, which in view of their nationalities they named 'Scotland the Brave' and 'Aussie Peak'. (Inuit translations are still awaited!) Sailing further north to the Upernavik area and climbing directly from the boat onto the first pitch, Austick, with Italians Paglino and Zuchetti (supported by Shepton and Heisel) used siege tactics over 14 days of mixed weather (6 climbing) to make the first ascent of the N Face of Sandersons Hope, at 1,045m the country's biggest sea cliff north of the Arctic Circle. They called the route 'Arctic First Born'.

June - September 2000
Rev Bob Shepton with Laurie Haynes, Steve Holland, James Jackson & Dudley Smith as 'First Crew' and Graham Austick, Angelica Heisel, Paolo Paglino & Alberto Zuchetti as 'Second Crew'

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