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Greenland White Sea

Following the example of Knox-Johnston and Bonington in 1991, some members of this team sailed a 10m steel cutter 'Elizabeth Victory' from Portsmouth to the E coast of Greenland, picking up the others in Northern Iceland for the final leg. Their plan was to land and explore some of the coastal mountain areas, but they had been warned that the area might not be sufficiently clear of sea ice to make landfall. While this was the case with Kangerdlugssuaq Fjord, they managed to enter nearby Mikis Fjord. Once on shore, climbing opportunities were limited by bad weather and poor rock. Starting from sea level, they did manage to climb Red Peak (870m) - a long glacier ascent followed by a scramble over shattered rock to a broad summit - although an attempt on Mikis Peak (1,289m) was aborted at 1100m.

May - August 2004
Peter Watson with Tim Broad, Rob Jones, Stene Lodge, Ran Newton, Luke Priest and Stewart Wright

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