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Hong Meigui Cave Exploration Society Liangshan 2006

Topographical and geological maps of southern Sichuan show a large area over 3,000m in the Da Bing Shan (Big Ice Mountains) west of Leibo. Unfortunately, a few days' reconnaissance by jeep showed that although mainly limestone, it was seamed with insoluble rocks, making the presence of deep caves unlikely. The team therefore moved west to Yanyuan County where they found high karst plateaux between 2,400m and 3,500m with limestone extending to peaks c4,000m, and logged over 80 caves and shafts, with entrances up to 3,686m. Finally, a splinter group made a quick trip to Wudu County in Gansu Province where they found an impressive limestone gorge containing a large show cave at 1,200m and potential for deep caves. No doubt they will be returning to investigate further.

July - August 2006
Duncan Collis with Johan Bengt, Si Flower, David Haskel, Martin Laverty, Fleur Loveridge, Matt Ryan, Lenik anak Saymo, Andy Sewel, Pete Talling, Jon Telling, Yvo Weidmann and Sarah White

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