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Zhongdian Caves

Continuing the Hong Meigui series of expeditions (MEF 02/48, 03/49, 04/54, 05/51, 06/01 & 06/35) this team set out to prospect for caves in a compact block of mountains rising to 4,706m above the Jinsha Jiang (Yangtse
river) in Sanba County, Yunnan Province, some 50km south-east of Zhongclian. With solid beds of limestone and no surface streams, the area seemed to have a lot going for it and a depth potential of more than 3,000m. Despite poor weather with frequent fog and heavy rain, the area was fully explored, and nearly 30 caves found. All turned out to be very disappointing, as none were more than 60m deep. The consensus was that although the mountains are almost entirely limestone they had been raised too quickly - in geological terms - for decent caves to develop.

July - August 2007
Gavin Lowe, Sam AIlshorn, Pip Crosby, Pete HartIey, Chris Rogers & Paul Swire

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