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The original intention of this caving expedition to Guangxi Province (SW China), was to explore caves in Huanjiang, but unfortunately this area did not live up to expectations. They therefore moved - first to Tian's County where they found a number of caves, including a doline with a 100m entrance pitch, and then to Fengshang where the caves proved to be even larger: one shaft dropped nearly 200m. These caves were also rich in wildlife, including centipedes, catfish, a rat and a 2.4m snake. Apart from the snake (which disappeared, and is thought to have been eaten by the Chinese team members) specimens were brought back to the UK for identification. So impressive was the potential of these areas, that plans are already being made for a return visit.

February - March 2004
Ged Campion with Dave Appleing, Bruce Bensley, Stewart Muir, Ernie Shield and Dave Williams, plus a number of Chinese scientists/cavers

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