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Kara Gakar Exploratory Mountaineering

This team had intended to explore and climb in the remote Dzhalgal-Mau valley of the Borkoldoi Range in Kyrgyzstan, but as they arrived in the area hunters on horseback informed them that this was their territory and prevented entrance. Faced with a swift decision on an alternative location, the team stood at the highest point on the plateau to try and select an area to which access looked feasible. They moved first to the Western Kokshaal Tau, and later to the Acha Kaeyndi valley in the At Bashi range, for neither of which had they maps or done any planning, thus ensuring that this was a true exploratory trip. Nevertheless, they reached the summits of 16 peaks up to 5250m, but it will take some time to ascertain how many of them were first ascents.

August 2009
Ms Sally Brown and Eddy Barnes from UK plus Sari Nevala from Finland and Vanessa Wills from Australia

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