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Borkoldoy Expedition

The principal objectives were attempts on two unclimbed peaks of about 5000m, and various smaller peaks in the range of 4,000-4,700m, in the Borkoldoy mountain range of southeast Kyrgyzstan. The team gained access to the eastern part of the range after negotiation with local hunters, who had obstructed previous parties. None of the team had previous experience of major mountaineering expeditions. However, from a base camp by Kainar Lake they climbed 14 unrecorded peaks in the height range 4,400 to 5,000m, and with alpine grades of F to D-. They also documented local distribution of key species of flora and fauna.

August - September 2017
Neil Cox, Stuart Gillan, Tom Harding, Matt Lewis, David Lyons-Ewing, Scott Martin and Hannah Meinertzhagen

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