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Lakeland Quimsa Cruz 2001

From a base camp at 4,750m to the E of Khori Chuma and NW of Atorama Glacier, in 12 days of 'stunning weather', this team explored the area, trying to make sense of the confusing maps. First ascents were made of two peaks, Cerro Salvadore, 5,500m, by its S Ridge (Blackburn & Ralph) at Alpine AD, V, Scottish II and Cerro Jankho Loma, 5,440m, by its W Ridge-SW Ridge (Halford & Platt) at Alpine AD. Four other new routes were climbed plus a repeat ascent of the highest peak in the area, which they thought was Atorama, 5,640m, although this was disputed by local people. The good weather was followed by a period of very heavy snow which effectively put a stop to all further climbing.

August 2001
Paul Platt with Carolyn Bailey, Pete Blackburn, Stuart Halford, Deno Hewson and Phil Ralph

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