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University College London Quimsa Cruz, Bolivia 2004

Although the southern part of the Cordillera Quimsa Cruz has become popular with climbers in recent years, information about their ascents is confused: several 'first ascents' may have been claimed for the same peaks, but under different names. This team was keen to clarify the true position, as well as climbing new and existing routes themselves. Although the snow and ice were in excellent condition, they were disappointed to find that the metamorphic rock was very loose, making some of the climbing frightening. Nevertheless, they climbed a number of routes on peaks from 5,380m to 5,740m, of which they think that six or seven were first ascents. Collating previous data is proving to be a far bigger task than anticipated, and so the team is appealing for assistance from earlier visitors.

June - July 2004
Sarah Griffin with Jingwen Chen, Matthew Frear, Tim Moss, Ted Saunders and John Tomlinson

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