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Lemon Mountains 2002

This mainly Alpine Club team operated as four pairs to explore and make first ascents, particularly in the North Lemon Mountains, which cover an area of 300 sq km. The most significant achievement was by Cohen and Wilkinson who, in a 34-hour push, climbed one of the highest peaks in the area, The Spear, c.2,500m, via its 1,300m NE Face at Alpine TD mixed. Meanwhile, Buckle, Scott and the Gallaghers concentrated on exploration, between them climbing 13 peaks, most of them first ascents. Durran and Ruddle were less successful, failing on three major new lines due variously to technical difficulty, avalanche risk and illness.

July - August 2002
Dr Roy Ruddle with Derek Buckle, Geoff Cohen, Robert Durran, Andy Gallagher, Rachel Gallagher, Martin Scott and Dave Wilkinson

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