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Little Poobah

Objectives to explore the Fersmana Valley area on the east side of the Western Kokshal-Too in Kyrgyzstan, focusing on new alpine rock routes on the faces either side of the Fersmana Valley, and the first ascents of a number of peaks of up to 5481m.

The approach was by air to Bishkek, then by a UAZ 6 wheel drive truck provided by logistics company I.T.M.C. took them to a drop-off point some distance from the base camp at c3400m on the west side of the Fersmana Valley, but as this was downhill the carries were not too difficult. During a two week period the party made a total of 6 first ascents of peaks in the range 4500-4900m with grades up to D, and also a number of multi-pitch rock routes on lower crags of VS and HVS grades. The attempt on Little Poobah itself (5,481m) failed due to poor snow conditions.

August 2014
Adrian Dye, Scott Gillespie, Ian Peachey, Robert Middleton, Hannah Moulton and Huw Goodall

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