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The main objective was an unclimbed peak of 5611m to the north of Pik Byeliy in the Westerm Kok-Shal Too in Kyrgyzstan. Also a number of peaks, believed unclimbed, along the southern boundary of the Navlikin glacier. The party flew to Bishkek, and enjoyed an acclimatisation visit to the Ala-Archa national park, with an overnight stop at the Racek hut. They then drove into the mountains via Naryn in a URAL truck. The plan was to access the head of the Navlikin basin by crossing a col at the top of the Kotur glacier, and attempt one or more unclimbed 5000m peaks. Unfortunately only four of the party made it over the col, and they were pinned down by a storm and failed to summit anything. However the members did manage to climb all the peaks around the lower part of the Kotur glacier, including two peaks which do not appear on the map. All climbing was in lightweight self-sufficient alpine style and a total of 13 routes were completed. Subsequent research showed that all the peaks had been climbed previously, though many of the routes were new ones.

September - October 2014
Emily Ward, Dave Searle, Libby Southgate, Emma Crome, Cora Moffat, Sam Simpson, James Matthews, Joel Evans, and Simon Tracey

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