Mount Everest Foundation
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Manchester Nepalese 1970

Mountain exploration and to climb Yokapahar Himal - Api, Nampa and Saipal area

Newcomers to expeditioning should know that our system of organisation worked, on the initial premise that we had been friends in climbing before the idea was born. Seasoned men will know that this is a good start anyway. To all we will make available more details about Nampa, more photo­ graphs, more sketches if requested. We consider it to be in no way our own preserve; trespassers will not be prosecuted. We simply request a copy of their subsequent report. As they can share our adventure, we wish to share theirs.

To reach the summit of unclimbed Nampa, 22,162 ft. No, this was not all. In addition, the idea was to satisfy as many as possible of the mental images conjured up by the prospect of reaching the summit. Adventure.

"What we get from this adventure Is just sheer joy. And joy is,afterall,theendoflife." G. L. Mallory.

Bill Rowntree, John Allen, Brian Cosby, Arthur Clarke, Yvonne Clarke, Robert Beighton