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N Wales Western Kokshaal-Too (Kyrgyzstan)

This team visited the Fersmana Glacier in the Western Kokshaal-Too region of the Tien Shan with the intention of exploring and hopefully climbing Pic Byeliy (aka Grand Poohbah, 5697m) and possibly Pic Granitsa (aka Border Peak, 5370m). Although the weather was good when they arrived, it soon turned against them, with storms and heavy snowfall. To acclimatise, they attempted the West Ridge of an un-named peak of 5200m, but retreated from 5000m due to poor rock. An attempt on the North Face of Pic Granitsa was abandoned at the bergschrund due to poor weather/snow conditions and the risk of avalanche. In view of this they felt that conditions on Pic Byeliy would be too dangerous, so they moved to the Ak Sai National Park, where they climbed the classic 700m Route Schwaba on the West Face of Bachichiki (4516m) at HVS (5.8-5.10).

This expedition also received a Mark Clifford Award.

August - September 2010
Matt Stygall and Dave Rudkin

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