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The following notes summarise reports from the supported expeditions from 2009 to 2016. Reports can be refined by geographical area and purpose.

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Map of  India


Ref: 14/07
May - June 2014
Malcolm Bass and Simon Yearsley
The original plan was to attempt the SW Face of Rimo III in the East Karakorum, but permission was denied. Plan B was an attempt on the North east Face of Chaukhamba IV in the Garhwal Himalaya. They... Read more
Map of  India


Ref: 12/04A
September - October 2012
Dr Derek Buckle with Joanna Campbell, Mike Cocker, John Kentish, Paul Padman, Mike Pinney & Stuart Worsfold plus John Temple as a trekker.
The Kagbhusandi valley is located close to Joshimath and the Valley of Flowers in the Indian Garhwal. This team planned to explore the upper reaches of the Semartoli glacier, and make first ascents... Read more
Map of  India


Ref: 12/11A
September - October 2012
Mick Fowler with Steve Burns, Ian Cartwright and Paul Ramsden
Shiva (6142m) is situated above the Pangi Valley of Himachal Pradesh, and had received several previous ascents via the long but relatively easy southwest flank, but the aim of this team was to make... Read more
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Rimo III

Ref: 12/12
August - September 2012
Malcolm Bass with Paul Figg & Simon Yearsley from UK plus Satya Dam, Dan Singh Harkotiya, Tashi Phunchok & Konchok Thinless from India: also Rachel Antill (UK)
Rimo III (7233m) is situated in the remote area of the Indian East Karakoram, and although the peak was climbed from the north in 1985 by Fotheringham and Wilkinson, the beautiful SW Face remained... Read more
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Ref: 12/18A
July - August 2012
Dr Susan Jensen with Geoff Cohen, Bob Hamilton, Steve Kennedy, Andy Nisbet & Des Rubens plus Nancy Kennedy
Certain valleys in the Zanskar region of Ladakh have only recently been opened to foreign expeditions, so although the peaks were identified and numbered by Japanese trekkers in 2011, none had been... Read more
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Ref: 12/23
August - September 2012
Jon Griffith with Will Sim
The Charakusa valley offers plenty of scope for new routes, and this team arrived in the area armed with a tick list. To acclimatise, they climbed the ‘British Route’ on Nayser Brakk (5200m) and... Read more
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Mazeno Ridge

Ref: 12/26
June - July 2012
Sandy Allan and Rick Allen from UK plus Cathy O’Dowd from South Africa
The Mazeno Ridge is the longest arête on any 8000m peak – a staggering 13km from the Mazeno Pass at 5377m to where it joins the south-southwest ridge or Schell Route, then another 2 km up slopes... Read more
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Raru Valley

Ref: 11/28
August - September 2011
Jonathan Moodie with Jonathan Bull, Robin Jones, Kunal Masania, Joe Prinold, Virgil Scott and Dominic Southgate (UK)
The side valley of the Raru in the Zanskar region is little explored, but reputed to have 35 unclimbed peaks between 5600m and 6300m. The team’s first objective was Lama Jimsa Kangri whose summit... Read more
Map of  India

Singekang Valley

Ref: 10/19
October - November 2010
Dr Jeremy Windsor with George Carlton, Sandra Kennedy, Alan Tees & Andrew Tees from UK plus Martin Boner from Ireland
Although adjacent to the Spiti River Highway, the Singekang Valley appeared to be unvisited by western travellers until this team arrived. Their exploration identified a number of accessible peaks... Read more
Map of  India

Imperial College Obra Valley

Ref: 10/13
September - October 2010
Jonathan Phillips with Boris Korzh, Phil Leadbeater, Kunal Masania and Andy McLellan
The Obra Valley is situated in India’s far Western Garhwal, and being little visited offered plenty of scope for exploration and first ascents. Although heavy rain and landslides delayed access to... Read more