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Exploration of unclimbed peaks and sub-valleys in the eastern Lingti nala region of the Indian Himalaya, with Kamen Gyalmo (6470m) as the main objective. This peak had been suggested by Harish Kapadia as a worthwhile objective, although actually getting to the mountain might be a problem. The team penetrated deep into the relatively unexplored region east of the Lingto nana, and after a 3/4day trek over difficult terrain established a base camp at 5130m. Two advanced base camps and a further two high camps were subsequently established, from which it was possible to explore, and map by GPS, the high plateau region including and surrounding Lagma (5796m). This exploration took in three additional tops and two significant previously unclimbed outlier peaks of 5924m and 5927m. Pk 5924, tentatively called Chota Sgurr, lies at the start of a broad, intricate cirque enclosing the upper Talung nala and Kamen Gyalmo (6470m), one of the team’s primary objectives. Complex terrain and deep impassible canyons prevented easy access to Kamen Gyalmo via the Lingti nala and ultimately meant that they had insufficient time to mount a meaningful attempt.

August - October 2014
Derek Buckle, Dave Broadhead, Mike Cocker, Geoff Cohen and Hamish Irvine

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