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Scottish Himachal Pradesh 2013

Summits in the Darcha Valley of Himachal Pradesh region were only officially opened to climbers a few years ago, thus offering scope for exploration and first ascents of peaks over 6000m. The prime objective of this team was Peak G22 on the border of Ladakh (Zanskar), which Jensen had previously attempted from the north/east (MEF Ref 12/18A). However, reconnaissance missions revealed that its approach from this side would test the hardiest siege tactics, so the team decided to attempt Peak 6080m instead. On this they achieved the first ascent, and named it ‘Goat Peak’. The peak to its south had an attractive summit reminiscent of the Inaccessible Pinnacle on Skye, so this was the next one to be attempted. Although they reached the summit ridge at 5710m, worsening snow conditions and lack of time prevented them from reaching the summit. On the other side of the valley, they completed the first traverse of a ridge (‘Para Handy Ridge’) connecting 4 peaks, which they named (N to S) ‘McPhail’s’, ‘Dougie’, ‘Sunny Jim’ & ‘Vital Spark’.

May - July 2013
Andy Nisbet with Robert Adams, Bob Hamilton, Dr Susan Jensen & Steve Kennedy

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