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Patagonia Expedition

Objectives were various first ascents on peaks in the Fitzroy massif, Patagonia. The team was based in Chaltén for two months but due to the particularly bad weather they were not able to attempt any of their major objectives. One day after their arrival in Chaltén the weather looked good for 24 hours, so they climbed Aguja Guillaumet via the N ridge, Brenner-Moschioni route in 18 hours road to road. After a fruitless trip to the Torre glacier, they took advantage of another short lull to climb Chiara de Luna, a rock route on St Exupery. During their descent the wind again rose and it snowed. Another attempt on Cerro Torre, this time on the Ragni route, resulted in another retreat.

January - February 2017
Peter Graham and Uisdean Hawthorn

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