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QUBMC Kaindy Expedition

New routes and unclimbed peaks from the basin of the Kaindy Glacier, south of the Inilchik Glacier in central Tien Shan. They flew to Bishkek, travelled by road via Karakol to Maydaadyr, and from there by helicopter to base camp. After several days of heavy snow they were able to explore side valleys and establish higher camps. Successful ascents were made of Peak Oskal by the West face (Alek P, O’Hagen, Largey, Rooney and Campbell), and Pek Svyatoye Mesto (Conor, Alek P, Boyd, O’Hagen, and Kora P). Several other peaks were attempted, but abandoned usually due to unfavourable conditions.

August 2016
Owen Largey, Stephen Rooney, Michael Campbell, Kevin Cheing, Thomas O’Hagen, Matthew Boyd, Kora Przybyzewska, Aleksey Przbyzewska and Vladimir Zholobenko

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