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Scottish Bolivian '98

As the Cordillera Quimsa Cruz is one of the least known mountain areas of South America, this team from Oban Mountaineering Club chose it as the main venue for its expedition, but fIrst visited the northern Cordillera Real. Due to El Niño, weather conditions in the Real were poor, and although they climbed Tarija, 5,250m, and Jankhopiti, 5,600m (both PD), no new routes were achieved. In the Quimsa Cruz, four new rock routes were put up: the E Ridge of Cerro Taruca Umana, 4,852m (UlAA V- / HVS/5a); the S Ridge of Pt. 4905 (III+ / MVS); the E Face of Pt. 4685 (IV / HVS/5a) and the E Ridge/N Face of Grosse Mauer, 5,080m, (V / MVS/4b).

June - July 1998
Tony Barton with Tony Hill, Ken Marsden, John Miller, Russell Weedon and Tom Wiggins

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