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Scottish-South African Wakhan 2013

Until fairly recently, the Little Pamir range of the Wakhan Corridor lay within a restricted area, and hence Qara Jilga (6094m) (aka Qara Jeelga), remained as one of the last unclimbed 6000m peaks in the country. On a previous trip to the area (MEF Ref 10/15) the leader had made a reconnaissance of the approaches to the peak, so hoped that the present trip would result in its first ascent. Unfortunately, while descending from the North Ridge of the main summit during an acclimatisation climb, MacIntyre was struck on the head by a falling sharp-edged rock which rendered him unconscious. After being lowered some 300m, he was able to walk with support, but reported neck pain and altered vision in one eye. It was obvious that he needed professional attention, so after a day’s rest, evacuation continued to Dushanbe and early flights home. It is understood that MacIntyre has since made a full recovery, with no permanent damage.

July - August 2013
Alan Halewood and Richard Parker from UK plus Richmond MacIntyre from South Africa

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