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Shan Plateau

Although much of Myanmar (formerly Burma) is closed to foreigners, this party of cavers managed to obtain permission for a return visit to the Hopong region (east of Taungyyi) not only from the local authorities, but also from the local monasteries. On their reconnaissance trip in 2010 they found 25 cave entrances and explored 10, surveying 3.5 km of passage. On this trip they logged 37 new entrances, and explored 11 (9 in the Hoppong area and 2 in Kutcai) mapping a total of 4.78km of passage. However, there is still plenty of scope for future visits.

January - February 2011
Imogen Furlong with Chris Densham, Fleur Loveridge, Phil Rowsell & Pete Talling (UK) and Joerg Dreybodt (GER)

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