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Shan Plateau 2013

This was the fourth caving expedition to visit the Shan State of Myanmar (Burma) since access to foreign visitors was allowed in 2010. The prime aim of this trip was to continue the exploration of caves near the town of Ywangan, including extending the longest and deepest known system in the country (Kyauk Khaung or ‘Stone Cave’). In this they were highly successful, extending the length from 2.3km to 4.8km. Exploration was curtailed at a depth of 148m when they ran out of rope at the bottom of a 30m pitch. The team also investigated 2 major resurgences, which if linked to Kyauk Khaung would indicate a major system with an elevation range in excess of 300m. They also collected and preserved samples of previously unknown cave-adapted fish, for study in the Universities of Oxford, Kunming and Mandalay.

December 2012 - January 2013
Dr Peter Talling with Tim Guilford, Fleur Loveridge, Lou Maurice & Ben Wright from UK plus Prof Liu Hong from China

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