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Shuwert Expedition

This two person expedition had a primary objective of making a first ascent of any 6000m peaks around the East Shuwert Glacier. They set their initial base camp at the foot of East Shuwert Glacier after approaching from Shuijerab and Shuwert villages. ABC was then established at 5300m from which they then push on to to reach the summit of a 6040m peak which they named Banafsheh Sar at the suggestion of their guide. Conditions were generally favourable despite a reasonably high amount of unconsolidated snow. Whilst no permits are required for peaks under 6500m, they note the need for teams to now acquire a new No Objection Certificate which grants permission to climb in the Shimshal region. These are easily available from the Assistant Commissioner’s office in Aliabad provided teams have a guide attached to the expedition.

September - October 2018
Peter Thompson and Philip De-Beger

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