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Stoats Apolobamba 2005

Although Japanese climbers visited the Acamani region of the SouthEastern Cordillera Apolobamba during the early sixties, little is known of their achievements and recently published Bolivian maps do not cover this part of the Apolobamba. These young explorers - all past or present members of the University of Birmingham Mountaineering Club - planned to extend the well-known 'Paul Hudson Map' whilst making first ascents of some of the local peaks. They actually climbed five (assumed new) routes which they graded from D- to TD; two (including a traverse) on Casalala (5,650m), two on Huelanacalloc (5,847m) and one on Canisaya (5,652m).

June - August 2005
Carl Reilly with Tom Bide, Graeme Schofield and Sam Walmsley

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