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Reaching the Roof - Ski Tajikistan

Objectives were to climb and ski unexplored peaks of 5000-6000m in the Vanj Range in Pamirs. From Dushanbe travel to Poi Mazor was by 4×4, and from there to the RGS Glacier by Russian military lorry. Base camp was established at the base of RGS Glacier, and advance base camp at the foot of Bear Glacier and Abdulkahor Glacier. During the exploration of Bear Glacier a walker fell and suffered a suspected broken leg, and descended to ABC. Three of the party set a further two camps on Abdulkahor Glacier, from which they hoped to climb a 6000m peak at its head. With the onset of bad weather they changed objective and climbed a peak of 5313m via the West Ridge, descending on skis. Returning to the RGS Glacier, they next headed up the Nedhuk Glacier to a camp at 3700m, from which they climbed the North Face of Nedhuk 1 (5100m), again descending by ski. Having completed two first ascents, and concerned for Walker’s leg, they called the expedition short and returned home.

April - May 2014
Susanna Walker, Phillip Mark Thomas, Richard Jones, and Tom Coney

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