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University of Bristol 2005 Tajikistan

This team of past and present students of Bristol University with varied experience planned to explore the southern end of the 70-80km long Fedchenko glacier in the High Pamirs. Climbing in groups of two to four, they soon made first ascents or new routes on Peak Volodiya (5,847m), Peak Bronwen (5,550m) and Tanymas (5,900m). The most experienced pair, Ian Hatcher and Simon Spencer-Jones, then set off to attempt the expedition's principal objective - a multi-day traverse of Peak Bakinshikh Kommisarov (6,834m) and Peak Revolution (6,948m). Unfortunately, the weather rapidly deteriorated, with strong winds and heavy snow, and the pair were never seen again, despite a number of air and land searches. We would like to express our deepest sympathy to their families and friends.

June - July 2005
Simon Spencer-Jones with Ed Bailey, James Byrne, Ian Hatcher, Rob Lavin, Amy Marshall, Stevo Nicholls and Sam Smith

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