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Totally Forakered

The original plan of this strong two-man team was to climb three new routes: W Face of Kahiltna Peak West, 3,912m, NW Buttress of Denali, 6,194m and SE Face of Foraker, 5,305m. In fact they did none of these, but were successful in climbing two routes on Mt Hunter, 4,441m, and one on Denali. On Hunter they repeated The Moonflower, 1,200m, ED3, Scottish VII as far as the top buttress, and made the first ascent of Kiss Me Where The Sun Don't Shine on the 'mini-Moonflower', 2,600m, ED, Scottish VII in an 18-hour push to 3,200m. Moving to Denali, they then climbed a new route, Extra-TerrestriaI Brothers, 2,200m, ED2/3, Scottish VII on Fathers' and Sons' Wall in a 46-hour push as far as the top buttress, 5,180m. On each climb, weather conditions - deep snow or high winds - prevented a continuation to the summit.

May - June 2001
Kenton Cool with Ian Parnell

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