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Wegener Halvø Peninsula

Whilst the caves on the Wegener Halvø Peninsula have been known about for some time, little is known about their make up. The team aimed to address this knowledge gap by undertaking exploration, sedimentary and mineral data collection in order to model the caves’ changing environment and compare these findings with the wider region. Facing difficult access across steep snow and scree to reach the potential leads they had identified, they instead conducted preliminary assessments of each using a drone. At the first site they discovered the first cave was in-actual fact a shelter, whilst the second of the leads they could not find. The next day they assessed a second site which was found to be only a shallow cave and did not contain any worthwhile deposits for assessment. With their exploration of both sites completed they returned to Constable Point by helicopter.

July - August 2018
Gina Moseley, Robbie Shone, Chris Blakeley, Dario Schwoerer, Sabine Schwoerer, Salina Schwoerer, Andri Schwoerer, Noe Schwoerer, Alegra Schwoerer, Mia Schwoerer, Vital Schwoerer and Mirjam Bruhwiler

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