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Zhungar Alatau

The area south of the Koksu River in the Zhungar Alatau region of Kazakhstan has had few visitors, so offered a good destination for this exploratory expedition. River crossings prevented them from establishing their base camp in the planned location, so they had to make do with a lower site, which naturally increased the length of walk-ins, although it also added flexibility. They spent 4 days climbing in the valley of the Kyoabl-Kapacau River and then five more in the valley of the Tblwkah River. With relatively good weather during their 17 days in the area, the team climbed a total of 16 peaks up to 4162m, nine of which may have been first ascents. However they feel that the area still has plenty of scope for further exploration.

August 2009
Stuart Worsfold with Jamie Goodhart, Liam Hughes, Paul Padman and John Temple plus 2 Kazakh nationals

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