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Borkoldoy 2002

Borkoldoy Khrebet in the central southern area of Kyrgyzstan runs parallel with the Kokshaal-Too for 20km, but apart from a visit in 1994 by six Brits with some Russians, previous visits by western climbers were unknown. After a flight to Bishkek and then two days in a 4WD ex-military troop­ carrier, this team reached their base camp. From here, with consistently fine weather and daily temperatures varying between -10' and+28'C, they explored the major peaks of Borkoldoy to its north, and the plateau south towards the Kokshaal-Too, achieving first ascents of three straightforward peaks, the highest being Ata Peak, 4,850m.

August 2002
Stephen Saddler with Sharon Abbott, Jill Barrow, Wayne Gladwin and Mike Rosser

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