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British Aguilera 2003

Cerro Aguilera (c2,438m) is an isolated unclimbed peak on the western edge of the South Patagonia ice cap and a much desired objective for those oblivious to the local weather. Two previous expeditions (Freeman-Attwood's 98/01 and Hillebrandt's own 00/07A) had failed even to reach the peak, but following contact with the leader of an unsuccessful attempt (Matthew Hickrnan, 85/37) Hillebrandt felt confident. Good weather over the first few days enabled them to become established on a southern ridge, and even make the first ascent of a subsidiary peak, which gave a depressing view of Aguilera. Then the Patagonian weather hit them and buried their camp in two metres of snow, putting an end to any further attempt. Incredibly, Hillebrandt plans to go back again in 2004 - presumably to add to the record of 150 books and incalculable games of Patience, Five Hundred and Scrabble already played in some seven months stuck in damp tents in ferocious local storms.

October - November 2003
Dr David Hillebrandt with Nick Banks, Allan Richards and Chris Smith

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