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British Aguilera 2004

British explorers are nothing if not determined: ever since reading of an isolated peak on the Wilcox Peninsula of Chilean Patagonia spotted by Tilman in 1957, Hillebrandt has been hoping to make its first ascent. In the past he has not even managed to reach the mountain - Cerro Aguilera (2,438m) - but this time, after taking 14 days to penetrate the swamp and temperate jungle he and his companion found themselves in a beautiful Hidden Valley. They compared their feelings to those of the first people to penetrate the Nanda Devi Sanctuary. Above this they set foot on the glacier snout and donned crampons for the first time. Unfortunately the approach had taken far more time and energy than anticipated, and they were forced to abandon the climb at a height of 1,291m. As a consolation, during the approach they managed to bag another minor peak which gave them a good view of their objective, and inevitably a return visit is in the pipeline.

October - November 2004
Dr. David Hillebrandt with Chris Smith

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