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British Revelations Expedition

Following information from Ben Silvestre and Pete Graham, the team set themselves the objective of making some exploratory attempts on Mount Jezebel’s North Face and Mount Mausolus. After re-diverting due to poor weather which prevented them from assessing Mount Mausolus, they set up on the Fish glacier to focus solely on Mount Jezebel. They began with an attempt on the North Face of Mount Jezebel which was unsuccessful after they reached an unclimbable chimney section at about half height on the face. Here the snow became powdery with little means of bypassing it or tunneling through. Equally the top of the deep chimney was capped by a large snow mushroom and given the chossy diorite rock they decided to retreat. After a couple of days rest they turned their attention to Mount Jezebel’s East Face where they made a first ascent which involved technical climbing on fine névé and rock, and in good weather. Returning to camp they found the weather to be turning and with little time left they requested a pick up.

March - April 2018
Tom Livingstone and Uisdean Hawthorn

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