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Scottish Pantheon Range

The main objective of this team was to make the first ascent of the 600m NW pillar of Athena Tower on Mount Zeus (2,959m) - described as the 'Bonatti Pillar' of the Pantheon Coastal Range (British Columbia). Unfortunately, at about one third height they encountered a 50-metre wall which, having no obvious cracks or other features, stopped further progress. They therefore turned their attention to the hitherto unclimbed 2km NW ridge of Zeus, which provided an excellent alpine route (at TD) and the first ascent of the mountain's West Peak, as well as the first N-S traverse. With the weather holding, they then crossed the Ragnarok glacier, and made the second ascent of the NW ridge of Mt Fenris (2,896m) at AD.

August 2005
Simon Richardson with Mark Robson

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