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British Transhimalaya 1999

Another virtually untouched group of mountains in the central west of Tibet was discovered by Freeman-Attwood and Griffin during a reconnaissance in 1998: the Transhimalaya or Gangdise Range. The highest peak in this area, Loinbo Kangri, 7,095m had been climbed by a Korean team in 1995, but there were still plenty of others awaiting first ascents. For this trip, the CTMA offered a package deal which included driving the team from Zhangmu to a Base Camp at 4,960m - a dubious advantage as far as acclimatisation was concerned. Due to unexpectedly poor snow conditions and high avalanche risk, they failed to get above 6,250m on their main objective, P. 6530m, a local holy mountain aka Phola Kyhung. However they completed a recce of Gophalo Peak, 6,453m, and climbed P. 6183 (Gophalo South Top) and P. 6202m on which tracks of a Snow Leopard were seen up to 6,000m.

August - October 1999
Phil Bartlett, Lindsay Griffin, Harry Reeves and Pat Reeves plus Christian Beckwith from the USA

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