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Hong Meigui Zhongdian Draughting Holes 2006

The theory behind this expedition was that with a light snow covering, warm air rising from caves would melt snow around the entrances, thus making them clearly visible. The area of interest was the Zhongdian Plateau in Yunnan Province, which it was hoped might offer a cave with a 2,500m depth potential. Unfortunately this was not possible to prove as, on arrival, they were surprised to find there was no snow. Undeterred, the team carried out a reconnaissance of a new area which they found to be speleologically uninteresting, but on revisiting an 'old' area they logged 26 minor entrances, found a significant new cave, and extended a known one.

February 2006
Hilary Greaves from UK with Peter Ljubimov, Artem Oganov and Dmitry Prashin from Russia

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