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Jorge Montt Glacier Ski Expedition

This team of three had the joint objectives of exploring the northern portion of the southern Patagonian ice field and to access and explore on ski the southern icefield by way of glacier Chico, skiing peaks along the way. The team also hoped to make their expedition entirely human powered. After kayaking for four days to reach the Jorge Montt Glacier from Tortel, the team hiked further up the glacier to set a basecamp where they could begin to identify potential routes onto the icefield. They tried a number of routes but were forced to retreat on account of often heavily vegetated and steep, rocky conditions. They instead changed tack and relocated to Villa O’Higgens where they assessed their options to access the southern icefield by the Chico Glacier. After crossing Lago O’Higgens they began their approach from Lago Chico and reached the glacier three days later. They continued up the glacier for a further day, reaching the upper section before they received reports of approaching storms and decided to turn back.

September - October 2019
Marian Krogh, Stephanie Jones and Gabrielle Degagne

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