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Kyrgyzstan '97 - Ten First Ascents in the Tien Shan

In addition to achieving ten first ascents, the six students in this team planned to carry out some research on behalf of Imperial College Atmospheric Group. This involved measuring UV-B radiation with pocket-sized detectors currently being developed in the College, and correlating their results with the aerosol content of the atmosphere. From a base camp in the Khrebet Borkoldoy, they made four successful ascents of peaks between 4,600m and 5,000m before moving to the Pik Dankova region of the Khrebet Kokshaltau, where two more peaks were climbed. Unfortunately, the mountains were 'not as virgin' as they had anticipated, and it is possible that only one was a first ascent. The scientific programme proved more successful, and analysis of the data sets obtained will occupy them for some time to come.

July - August 1997
Loic Jounot with Olivier Hymas, Pierre Hymas, Jan Kerner, and Kerim Hestnes Nisancioglu

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