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Vietnam 2001

This was the seventh caving expedition organised in conjunction with Hanoi University, with two of the provinces- Cao Bang and Quang Binh being revisited. 22.5 km of mostly river cave passage was explored and surveyed in the former area, and 5km in the latter, with many unexplored leads still left in both. Permits proved to be something of a problem in the politically volatile 'new' area of Há Giang, but nevertheless the caving potential of the area was proved with the survey of 2.5 km of predominantly vertical passage. Plans are already in hand for a return visit in 2003.

March - April 2001
Howard Limbert with Martin Colledge, Martin Holroyd, Paul Ibberson, Nick Jones, Debora Limbert, Peter Macnab, Mick Nunwick, Duncan Morrison, John Palrner and Trevor Wailes

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