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Vietnam 2003

For some team members, this was their eighth caving expedition to Vietnam undertaken in conjunction with cavers from Hanoi University. As well as returning to previously visited areas, several others were also visited, the main successes being in the northern province of Cao Bang near the Chinese border. Some bureaucratic problems were encountered close to the Laos border, but as there had been no recent heavy rain, water levels were low and they managed to explore the three largest systems in Vietnam, adding 44.8km of 'new' cave passage to that previously known.

February - April 2003
Howard Limbert with John Atkinson, Anette Becher, Robbie Burke, Martin Colledge, Chris Densham, Danielle Gemenis, Martin Holroyd, Paul Ibberson, Deb Limbert, Peter MacNab, Duncan Morrison, Gareth Sewall, Ian Watson and Anthony Wood plus several Vietnamese cavers.

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