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Craven Pothole Club China 2003

Continuing the long-running China Caves Project to further the development of karst research in China, this team worked with Normal University of Guilin to explore two separate karst areas - Jingxi and Pingguo in Guangxi Province close to the border with Vietnam. They explored 44 caves, surveying and photographing 21.4km of passage. Particularly interesting sites found were Yin Quan and Won Long Dong (Sleeping Dragon Cave) which contained two well-decorated chambers of 20,000 and 15,000 square metres, so a future return visit seems inevitable.

March - April 2003
Kevin Gannon with Tracey Beasley, Nick Blundell, Michael Bottomley, Arthur Champion, Mike Clayton, Pete Jones, Karen Lane, Dave Milner, Paul Norman, Bryan Norton, Emma Porter, Patrick Warren and Michael Whitehouse

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